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Jun 12, 2010
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I'm considering getting a tablet and had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in mind. I was interested in knowing what the update path will be like. I know that it currently has 4.4.4. Will it likely get 5.0 or 5.1? Just don't want to get a tablet that will be outdated shortly after getting it.

Should I consider a Wi-Fi only tablet? I currently have Verizon as my mobile provider with 2GB of data each month. I try to use Wi-Fi whenever possible, but some months I come close to the max data limit.

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Sep 1, 2012
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I have the Galaxy Tab S 10.1, which is the latest Samsung tablet. The display IMO is way better than the Galaxy Tab 4. I used to be on the 2GB data plan too and came close to going over it and in some cases, I went over it. I found it cheaper for me, to be on the 10GB data plan which gives me $25 off per line whether I am on the Edge contract or a no contract phone. With the 10GB plan, I usually only use 5GB of data per month. It still does not make sense for me to go to a lower plan.

For me, I use got the Wifi tablet because I found myself using it mostly where there was a Wifi signal and hardly ever using it where I needed to connect it to the VZW network.


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Mar 14, 2012
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Do not buy the Tab 4, this series of tablets from Samsung are absolutely complete garbage. Antiquated processor, low memory, low resolution, no MHL support, the list just goes on and on of pure crapiness. I know their cheap but you'll defiantly feel that cheapness the very instant you turn it on. Grab the Tab S or Pro like mentioned above, personally I would buy the Nvidia Shield Tablet as it's one of the fastest Android tablets on the market and stuffed full of features like HDMI out and stylus. A feature, HDMI, that I use daily with my connected projector. Not only that but it's awesome at games, especially when paired with the Nvidia Shield GamePad. Just please, please, save your sanity and stay away from the Tab 4, you will be completely dissatisfied.

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