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Jun 13, 2013
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As part of the Android Central Community Review team, I got the chance to review the Tech21 Evo Go case for Samsung Galaxy S8. I have been using this case for a month now and here is my review.

There are many things to like about this case starting with its leather trim that gives a soft and comfortable grip to your hands. The moment you pick this case up, you know you are going to enjoy that leather finish.


While the outer layer is beautifully crafted with leather, the inner layer where your phone rests uses a fabric material that is soft and ensures your S8's glass back panel is well protected in the case. The overall design of the case feels strong and firm and yet it doesn't weigh a ton.


It was easy and simple to slide my S8 into the case. No problems there. I usually slide the bottom first and then slide the top & pop it in.


This is one of the few cases that fits well exactly with the phone's design. The case blends nicely with the S8's curved design which many cases fail to do so. I applaud Tech21 for putting more effort in helping users feel the original design, though the phone sits inside the case.

Tech21 promises up to 3m/10ft drop protection. Thanks to its unique 3-layer design - a flexible outer shell, a skeletal frame and the shock absorbent FlexShock layer that runs along the sides - the case is able to absorb the maximum impact during drops and give you that protection you are looking for. Fear not, this doesn't add any additional weight to the case.

The case has precise cutouts for the ports with a raised maximum thickness that is only going to protect those ports from accidental drops. There is ample space around the ports that make it easy to reach as well.


I love the camera and fingerprint sensor cutouts. They are raised very well to protect from surfaces and accidental drops.


The front of the case has raised lips at the top and the bottom. The lip on the sides are not raised well but just enough so it can offer little protection and still provide space for the S8's edge functionalities. I would still recommend putting a screen protector if you are worried about the display.


Buttons are firm, very firm that you need to press them hard. This is the one thing I do not like about this case. I do use the buttons often, be it the power button or the volume buttons, and I found it annoying and frustrating that I need to press them harder.

Wait, there is more!

The Evo Go comes with a concealed card storage that can store up to 2 cards. It is designed such that it is impossible to locate this card storage at first glance. In fact, you could completely miss it if you didn't know about its existence!


The concealed card storage with magnetic closure, though it is advertised to hold up to 2 cards, I found it hard with 2 cards as it gets hard to pull out the cards. Instead, it worked great with just 1 card. You can easily fit two cards, it is just that it might not be that easy to take them out.


I did not have issues with Samsung Pay. Depending on the cards you store in the concealed storage, it may or may not affect Samsung Pay. For example, if your card is NFC enabled, then you will have issues when you use Samsung Pay. No issues with the magnetic closure either.

Something to be aware of that the more you use the concealed storage, it leaves a mark just below the camera cutout.


I have really enjoyed my time using this case, except for those firm buttons on the side. If you are looking for a good protection with real leather trim and a concealed card storage as an added bonus, then Tech21 Evo Go case is for you! It does come with a hefty price tag of $69.95 though. I am quite sure there are other alternatives that you can choose, but if you do choose this case, you will not be disappointed.

You can purchase this case directly from Tech21's website in Orchid Pink and Black colors.

Let me know what you think about the case and if you are already using one, leave your thoughts as well.
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