Temporary boot-loop solution, back up your files!

Minchan Han

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Oct 2, 2015
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Disclaimer: I am just stating what worked for me, so if anyone's warranty is dismissed, or phone further breaks, it is not my fault.

Hey guys, so my phone started bootlooping about a month ago, but I have my warranty still so I am eligible for a G4 repair, (as well they agreed to fix my G2 from two years ago). Anyways, the problem is I didn't have some contacts, pictures, etc.. backed up so I needed my phone to function for about 20 minutes to back them up. I tried the freezing method, every button combination possible, even held the power button down for 10 minutes. Nothing worked. Until I found this reddit comment from a while ago.


The comment by.. uh... "Irapedyourcat" about heating the phone helped me. Now I used a hair dryer instead, and basically followed this video tutorial. It isn't the greatest, and one of the videos is 40 minutes long, but I skipped through most of it and you really don't NEED to watch it. He just mentioned some bumps you can experience and decently described the steps.


So I'll just go over the steps of what to do and what materials you need.

- Hair Dryer
- The phone -_-

- Take the battery out of the phone and be ready to put it in. (Keep nearby and away from the hot air of the hair dryer)
- Plug in the hair dryer and expose the back of the phone with the back cover off.
- Watch the time for about 3-5 minutes. Don't go over I would say 6 minutes.
- Slowly start from the bottom left corner of the phone, and move up to the top part of the battery hole. (Don't go over the buttons).
- Then from there move a little to the right, then move back down slowly. You want to leave about a pinky's length from the phone to the hair dryer.
- Just keep zigzagging until you reach the bottom right. Then go up to the top right corner, to the right of the camera, and heat that area for a little bit, definitely a shorter time than the bottom area. Then skip the camera and then move to the top left area.
- After you do that about twice, or for about 4 minutes, feel the phone. It should be really hot. Like enough to go "Ow!" Not jerk your hand away or it'll burn you hot but maybe a window of a car left in the sun in an empty parking lot for a while.
- Once you feel the temperature is right, (I'm not sure if this helped or not, but I did this process twice and the time where I did this the phone turned on for a longer period of time), focus your hair dryer solely on the 4 little gold things that your battery connects to. https://ibb.co/cKSnQa
- After you do this, turn the dryer off, and put the battery back in
- Start your phone, and once the logo shows up, plug your phone into the computer. (Or if you don't use PC, you can just use the phone and put it into a SD card, or use a cloud service. Personally I think the phone can stay on longer if you just control everything from computer but whatever works. If you DO choose to use a computer, make sure to click "allow" when it asks for access.)
- Back up away! If the back up is taking a long time and the phone starts to cool down, what the guy in the video did, and me too, I heated it with the dryer for about 5 seconds at a time, just on the bottom half of the screen and some of the sides.

One thing to mention is that the phone does get really hot. That's the point, it has something to do with "melting" the cicuit board and some connectors together or something??? I'm not really sure so if someone clarifies that, that'd be pretty cool. Anyway you will get warnings that 1) your phone is at a very high temperature and then 2) that if the phone gets any hotter the phone will shut off. (That's what happened when I heated it too much while it was backing up because the phone was starting to cool down so just do it for 5 seconds every minute or so!) https://ibb.co/nrfwJv
I'll mention again that this could work or could not work. This is pretty risky, I'm not gonna lie, but if done properly, you'll probably have a good chance of succeeding. The reason I'm posting this is because I kept thinking "what if I saw this right after my phone started bootlooping?", and it would have made my life so much easier if I found this way.(I've been without a phone for 3 weeks, just needing to send it in for repairs, but feeling that I could somehow manage to back up my files, but I didn't have a way). So I decided to not be lazy and write this. It's less risky than "baking" it, so if you're considering that, then try this first. Hopefully no one made a post exactly like mine because that would suck because I'm super tired right now but I hope this at least helped one person. Thanks and good luck!