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Jan 5, 2017
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Hello to all you regulars. This is my first ever posts.

So, my phone is only two years old.

For about 7 months I have been having text issues. There are times it won't open to a contact, or it won't let me type my message, or if I type it shows up as double text, or it will open, I click the text box, it freezes, closes, reopens....ugh. With an anxious daughter sometimes she panics if I don't answer fast enough...not to mention my boss!! There are times it can take over 5 mins before I can actually get a text out.:-

The second issue I have is that occasionally when I take a picture it shuts my phone down completely. So completely that I actually have to take the battery out to get it to turn back on.

It seems to me these are two technical issues that should be easily remedied, but you know if I take it in they will tell me I need to buy a new one. :-$

Can anyone help?


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Feb 6, 2015
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have you tried wiping the data cache? since it shut down it has re-booted. You need to restart the phone holding volume up, home key and power key , let go when you get the recovery booting message. use the volume key to move down to wipe the cache partition (one below factory reset) the hit the power button, say yes and then re-boot. also make sure your apps are up to date. if this seems complicated search these forums on wiping cache partition and or factory reset and make sure you back-up your phone first

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