Text icon on call log

Alf Piggy Mom

New member
Sep 1, 2022
When you get a phone call, on your call log it will show a phone with an arrow above it pointing up and right. If you see a number that has "2" beside a number and the icon differs in that it shows a text box under the arrrow instead of a phone does that mean that there were 2 text to that person? Could it be one call and one text? Or would those be on 2 separate lines, one with text icon and one with phone icon? My call log does not show text messages so I do not know how to test or figure this out.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Which phone do you have? Is it dual SIM? "1" or "2" may refer to which SIM (i.e., which phone number) was associated with that call.