TF300 Can't tell if CWM worked


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Nov 20, 2014
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I'm a relative newbie to the rooting process and have looked through a ton of posts on here but almost all show some sort of error message. In this situation I have no error message.

Here's what happened so far:

TF300T Bootload installed
USB debugging selected
device rooted via Kingo Root

Very carefully installed CWM via all the instructions (used 4-5 websites to verify). Device was recognized via USB as "fastboot", Recovery image did load, and was able to reboot tablet via the computer. 2 things make me think it didn't work:

1) ROM Manager ap is still asking for up to date version of CWM. But, is this always the case? Would one go to the "Recovery already installed" option and select "Unsupported device". This makes me nervous to to try.
2) Supposedly one can get into CWM on reboot with the Power plus vol down procedure, then press vol up. Upon doing this the "Booting recovery kernal image" message comes up and sticks forever. No CWM menu ever seems to come up. However, the tablet can still boot after pressing both buttons again.

So no error message, just no way to tell is CWM went in correctly. Has anyone seen this? If it didn't go in, is there a way to reload it again or will it screw up things


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