The Unified Android Central OnePlus One User Reviews/Q&A Thread!


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May 17, 2010
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In order to prevent a repeat here of the OnePlus forums having every. single. person. who gets the phone and creates a new "review" thread where the same unboxing shots are posted and the same questions get asked over and over (e.g. "Yellow screen? Got any invites to give me?"), I think it'd be more constructive to preemptively start a single thread for lucky ACers to post their experiences and take questions. My comments below were in the middle of one thread and I see someone else started a topic, so best nip the spread in the bud sooner than later.

(Originally posted starting on July 7, 2014)

OK, some snap thoughts from the first few hours of messing with it:

* Last night I thought call volume was too low, but it may've just been my g/f low-talking because she was in a bad mood. Today sounded better, but it's not as loud as the N5.

* It's big. B-I-G! I though the step up from my Nexus 4 to 5 was big; hoo boy. I've got manly hands and one-handing this may be problematic. It feels very solid, but I wish the sides were more like the N5's which I almost ran naked before putting a TPU case on it since it didn't feel slippery. The One doesn't immediately make me fear dropping it, but give me time to hold it in daily use.

* I have minor yellowing extending about 3/4" in from the bottom. Unless you're on an all-white screen and sorta looking for it, it's not super apparent. We'll see if it fades "as the glue dries" if that's the cause as claimed by 1+. It's sharp and clear otherwise. Display Tester shows gamma is all over the place (i.e. not near 2.2); hopefully recommendations for the custom settings option will be forthcoming.

* The unboxing videos don't convey how deluxe the presentation is. The silicone sleeve on the SIM ejector - one weird thing: it loads upside down from what you'd expect - and the flat USB cable are pretty primo for a device selling for half of the Big Boys. Same with the box and slip case. They didn't scrimp on the packaging. Maybe they should've?

* I ran the latest update before unlocking and rooting, but I find call volume disappointing and the speakerphone wasn't much better. The speakers themselves in watching YouTube vids are hella loud, so I'm not sure what's up with that.

* The feel of CM11S is just enough different from vanilla Android as to trip me up a bit. Tweaking the ins and outs of the UI is going to take a bit. Tried a few themes and don't care for them. I'm running Holo and I'm fine.

* The screen shows finger streaks more than the N5 does.

* I'm using the capacitive buttons to finally get the use off all the real estate like Samsung people do. It sucks that you can't reassign the order of buttons, but it's intuitive to double-tap Home to get Google Now up and long-press for recent apps. The dedicated Menu key is whack. They need to allow rebinding of all of these.

* Pro Tip: If you unlock and root, after unlocking you will need to go back in and re-activate Developer Mode and switch off the protect CM Recovery options to actually shove TWRP over and then SuperSU. The guide at XDA isn't clear about that and comments show this is tripping up some users.

* Initial charging took a looooooooooong time. 42% out of the box to 100% took about 5 hours with the last hour hanging on 97%. That may be a glitch; don't read much into it.

* No idea on battery life or Bluetooth performance yet. GPS locks in quickly. Initial APN setup only showed H+ service, but a reboot switches it to 4G and the settings menu shows it's LTE. This is typical, so not a bug, though it would've been nice for it to say LTE.

I'll update this post as I live with it.


* I popped it on the charger after it went down to 45% after 8-1/2 hours with 3 hours of SOT. It charged back to 100% in about 90 minutes, with the last half-hour topping the last 5% or so.

* The screen is a real smudge magnet. The Nexus 5 was far better at handling/hiding that. I don't have greasy hands; wash them frequently. (No, not OCD.)

* Just discovered the double-tap to turn on screen feature. Much easier than looking for the low-profile power button.

* Swiping from the lock screen or using the circle gesture to get to the camera doesn't seem to work if you have a pattern lock for security. I disabled the gesture.

UPDATE #2 (2nd day of use):

* Battery life is SICK!!! I'm currently at 40% after a binge of app installing and I've been unplugged for 18 hours and have over 3-1/4 hours of screen on time. My Nexus 5 was lucky to last 10-12 hours with 2-3 hours of SOT.

* For some reason when going through the app drawer to drag icons to home screens and folders, it resets to the beginning of the list every time you go back in. (i.e. If you want to drag out Tumblr then Yelp you have to page through from the As to get to the Ys.) When I had accidentally reset my N5's home screens while trying to fix a Google Now issue, I noticed that until some Google thing or another updated (can't recall, may've been Search) it would do the same thing, but now on my N5 if I go pages in, drag an icon, then hit the App Drawer button, it returns me to where I left off. A minor inconvenience, but still annoying.

* Call quality is OK, but could be somewhat louder in the earpiece. I haven't had to deal with a really noisy environment, but they need to pump up the volume some more.

* This thing really loves to show the fingerprints. Same finger dragged on the N5 then the 1+O shows barely a trace on the former and plenty of grease on the latter. Bother.

UPDATE #3 (later in 2nd day of use):

I'll just leave these here:

View attachment 126708 View attachment 126709

It charged back up to 100% in a little over 2 hours with a 1.8A charger I think came with an OG Kindle Fire.


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May 4, 2010
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Any change in the yellow after almost a week of use? Mine arrives tomorrow and I'm curious if it will have the yellow.

There are quite a few posts over on OPO forums about better settings for the screen (hue, saturation, etc) if that's what you're referring to.