There are kits to replace battery, video.


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Sep 5, 2010
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I came across this video / commercial on one of many kits available for replacing your Nexus 6 battery. I don't endorse this kit, I'm not connected to the company, nor do I sell them. I simply found it interesting and relevant. Until this I wasn't sure if it was possible at all. NOTE: There are several other videos on the same issue to the side on the YouTube site. ALSO: I don't know if that particular battery is designed for Quick Charging like the original, so I recommend that however you buy a replacement battery from, that you ask before buying. ALSO 2: and why do they call it a High Capacity battery, is that different from the original? Is it expected to have a lower use life then the original? I don't know, ask, ask, ask the seller's. ALSO 3: By comparing this video to other video's on removing the back, I believe this video shows a back that has been removed previously as it appears way too easy compared to other video's showing back removal. ALSO 4: One glaring question is, what happens to back if no new adhesive is applied???? when putting it back on after repair??? I've never done these repairs myself so I can only comment from what I've observed in the videos. But I had performed a replacement years ago on a phone and can say that once seals/ and or adhesive was broken, dust quickly got inside.

* There are low quality fixes on YouTube for screen replacement, using hot air blowers, razor blades!, I suggest at this time since all Nexus 6 are old, if you find yourself in need of replacing the screen, to purchase a Kit similar to the one shown in this video which had specialized tools for replacing battery, the battery and screen replacement are virtually the same tear down, so if you cannot find a quality screen replacement kit, buy a kit as shown so you have decent tools and replace both screen and battery at the same time, IMHO.

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