This Tablet is driving me crazy - Galaxy Tab S2 ( 203.1 mm ( 8.0") LTE )


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Sep 23, 2016
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My Samsung Tab 2 is literally driving me crazy - i have been spending 3/4/5 + hours every day online trying to get answers to the errors and inconsistencies i am having - for at least a month now - and i am only going around in frustrating circles - and the tablet is just getting worse day by day -- i dont know if its maybe some type of outside hacking / hijacking or tech but i am unable to understand this
Ip info/ is inconsistent across testing apps
Apps crash Everytime i try to access bluetooth settings within an app - yet the Wi-Fi or mobile or location function works fine ( within the app etc )
My Btooth/ wifi cant seem to find connections / networks easily
Google / facebook / many many inconsistencies
I am getting strange search results (sometimes with reference to Robot.txt files etc restricting what a site can show me )its a developers tool as far as i can gather -- not for Me
Or results like this --
In Yahoo i get told this -- when searching "my android apps "
My Android Apps - Google Play
"We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us."
Well why won't it it bloody allow it ??? -- its full of this nonesense

Firefox can't detect itself as being downloaded / installed etc

Google App (sometimes ) shows i am offline - and can't search etc - yet google search in a browser is fine
I could type errors for a month -- and im fed up typing about my devices problems ---
It was reset to factory defaults a months ago, which didn't stop the errors and inconsistencies
My photo gallery is very sad -- 99% is taken up with screenshots of various issues ( over 500 in 1 month )

I am no tech expert but i don't think I'm this stupid ( in case its me that is causing this madness )

What do i do with a device as i describe -- can Samsung / Android/ Others test it via remote access etc - its only 6 months old , i dont want to just bin it --

Feedback really appreciated 😭😭
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Tom Westrick

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Apr 29, 2012
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Re: This Tablet is driving me crazy - Galaxy Tab S2 ( 203.1 mm ( 8.0") LTE )

I'd say send an email to Samsung, include everything you said to us and all the screen shots. Or, take it into a Best Buy that has a Samsung kiosk. They may be able to help you, or replace the tablet.

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