Tip to save home screen layout before updating to Marshmallow


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Jul 10, 2014
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I was SO EXCITED to finally received the Android 6 update UNTIL I saw that all my time setting up the perfect home screens (please correct the terms I use) had been wiped out. The update wiped them almost clean!! (except for a couple of Google and Samsung apps)

So, here's my tip: As soon as you THINK you have the perfect home screen layouts, take a screen capture so you can set them back up just the way you liked them.

Since I don't use every app on every home screen every day, and I'm getting on in years, I can't remember the exact layout so having a record of them would have been nice.

Of course, you young whippersnappers will say, "Getting them wiped is an opportunity to streamline your phone with just the apps you use." But I say, "I put those apps on those home screens so that I remember to use them, and can find them without having to search through my whole app list because I can't remember their names."

I hope this tip helps at least a few people but I'm afraid most people will find it AFTER their home screens have been wiped clean.

Maybe Android Central will include this tip in all of their articles about Android updates that will potentially wipe out our hard work setting up our phones to perfection.

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