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TPU screen protector that doesn't cause "grainy" effect on screen?


New member
Nov 18, 2018
So I've come to the conclusion that a TPU (polyurethane film) screen protector is best for my S7 Edge, and I bought and installed the ArmorSuit Militaryshield. Installation was good, edges stuck well after 15 minutes or so, but there's this colorful "grainy" look to my screen now that I cannot stand. Granted, I installed this protector about 6 hours ago, but this effect seems to have more to do with the material the protector is made from, and less about how long I've waited for moisture to evaporate.

Does anyone here have a lot of experience with TPU protectors for curved-edge phones that can comment on this "graininess" I'm getting? Is it just inherent with this kind of protector, or have I installed it wrong, or are there better brands that won't have that effect?

Thank you for reading and responding.