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Feb 23, 2017
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I have a Sprint HTC One M7 and it frequently freezes anywhere from a couple seconds to 30 seconds. It can happen anywhere from the security pattern to the camera. Other than that it functions normally and quickly. Is there a method to determine what is causing it? I've looked here and seen many posts but usually the advice is to do a factory reset or other drastic measure. Kind of like a doctor giving a broad spectrum antibiotic hoping it will fix the problem. I have done a reset and reinstalled my applications one at a time but was not able to identify the culprit. Are there any tools or techniques to identify what's going on? IN Windows one might look for problems in the Performance Monitor or events in the Event Viewer. To continue the antibiotic analogy I'd like to test and identify what type of bacteria is causing the problem.

I suspect that it's one of the bloatware apps I can't remove. I've seen problems reported with the Sprint ID app. I'm technically inclined so I plan on rooting my phone but I need to do some learning and research. Apparently there are many ways to root a phone and considerations like S-Off that I need to look into. Once i have time I'll do this also. Any advice is welcome and I'm willing to pay for a method that's simpler and reliable.

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