Unbelievably terrible battery life


Apr 5, 2013
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I just destroyed the screen on my Lumia 900 (thankfully) and have since purchased a Galaxy s2 Skyrocket off of eBay (Claimed to be NEW but I believe it was a refurb..fml). I have been very pleased with Android Jelly Bean and nearly every aspect of the phone. However, battery life is truly horrible. In 5 hours the battery goes from 100% to 40%. I make sure to turn everything off while not using though according to my application manager I have several apps still "running" (though not using much ram). In those 5 hours I browse the web, use the camera a little, message a bunch, all while not using WIFI. STILL I do not think the battery life should only last me 7-9 per day. I start using my phone around 11 and by 6 I have to recharge. Anyway, I purchased a few spare batteries from Anker (should arrive soon) but if anyone has any ideas on what the problem is or how I could get my battery life to an acceptable level I would greatly appreciate it. If I could figure out the battery life, this phone would fulfill any use I could throw at it.

Some addition info: WIFI wasn't used, GPS was on, sound on, screen rotation on, power saving ON, sync ON

Thank you guys again, I really appreciate it.


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Aug 28, 2013
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Nope, your reported battery life for the Skyrocket seem about normal for this device. You should try the app Juice Defender; it works wonders.


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Jun 13, 2012
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I have to disagree... With all radios on, 3 hours screen time, 100% charge at 7:30am and just going into the red and prompting me to charge at around 11:00pm is typical unless I am doing something that will drain the battery like GPS Navigation, gaming, or lots of outdoor use.

Juice Defender is nice, but understand what it really does... it turns pretty much everything off but the voice radio and turns it back on at intervals to check stuff, makes schedules and adjusts settings to save battery, some of it is OK, some can get pretty anal and annoying. If that is OK, then it can help save battery, some users experience little change, some increase battery life 50%, but don't trust it's internal statistics that say stuff like "2.13x Battery Life" that is pretty much an exaggeration.

Best bet is to see what is draining the battery, try GSAM Battery Monitor or Better Battery Stats and look at Wakelocks and Time Held Awake and see why the battery is draining.

Remember this is an early 4G/LTE device, and the chipset is not as efficient as newer phones like the HTC One or SGS4, it will use more battery. Period.


Nov 12, 2012
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I've always struggled with poor battery life on this phone and I've finally found the solution! My battery now lasts a solid 12 hours with constant texting/messaging etc even with 3G/HSPA+.
I found the key was changing my governor and IO scheduler settings. I'll provide a link to the full installation process
[rom][mod] ORTHUS X - FINAL (04/10/2013) - [Project Mayhem] - xda-developers
It doesn't necessarily have to be this exact ROM, any ROM that will allow you to manipulate the governor and IO scheduler settings should work the same. I use this one because I've had problems with all other ROMs but this one was made specifically for the skyrocket and works so smoothly for me. Once you have access to performance settings put your governor on conservative and io scheduler on noop. You can also change the max frequency (I have mine at 1134Hz). I don't know exactly what they do, but all I know is that there's an actual notice in battery life improvement ever since I started using this ROM and the settings I mentioned. If you want to know in more detail what the governor and io scheduler does you can just google it.

Hope this helps! :)

P.s. I know it's kind of alot of work especially if you haven't done any rooting or playing around with roms, but trust me it's so worth it in the end


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Nov 6, 2011
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This guy right here hit the nail on the head! This phone is known for wakelock issues. Basically, the phone never goes in to deep sleep if you don't charge it with the appropriate charger, running the CPU at 384Mhz constantly draining the battery.

There is an app in the Play Store that can tell you if the charger you are using is going to cause your phone to end up in a wakelock state. I don't recall if it requires root or not. The same guy who made the app created a Tasker profile to do essentially the same thing.

I don't use my GS2 anymore, so I do not keep up with it. It is a known issue. Before using something like Juice Defender which will give you no help at all in this case, make sure wakelock is not your issue. Drop by the forums on XDA for the Skyrocket. Go to the Q&A forums and do a simple search for wakelock. That should give you all the info you need.

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