"Unfortunately com.google.android.gms has stopped" repetitive message after Play Services deletion

The Blue Blur

Dec 30, 2016
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"Unfortunately com.google.android.gms has stopped" repetitive message after Play Services deletion

One random fateful day, all google pre installed apps wouldn't work. Play store wouldn't connect, Gmail wouldn't connect, YouTube worked fine but wouldn't connect to sign in. And don't request basic stuff, I've tried that. Stupidly, I thought I could fix it myself. Well I deleted Google play services after what started out a small problem, not so small now... Well here's my story in as little words as possible in as much detail as possible...

1. My plan was to delete Google Play Store and replace it with an apk installed version.

2. Google play store still showed up on home as app, but was just a shell. No app inside it. And this shell blocked out my apk from installing...

3. I downloaded some thing called "Google play installer" (it had some kind of lucky patches logo) which all that did was just destroy Google play services(GPS).

4. I went into Titanium Backup, and tried to delete GPS like my original plan, but failed second time...

5. And if you followed all these steps correctly then you are sure to have constant popups of every time GPS fails to open (2 at once, every 2 minutes no joke). So how can I get rid of GPS shell and replace with apk, or force install apk over existing app?

And lastly, don't suggest anything that involves viewing the app in settings or Titanium, it's shown literally nowhere. I'm using 6.0.1 Marshmallow Samsung Galaxy Tab S. I don't want to factory reset but if it's the ONLY OPTION - then I guess I have to... Thanks so much to all who reply with good answers