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Unknown App Data Usage

Chris Regetti

New member
Dec 31, 2012
Recently I discovered unknown app data usage. It showed up with one unknown app over mobile data, the app is labeled -2012. Shortly thereafter others appeared over WiFi and labeled -2011, -2013, -2010. The data sizes are..2.5mb, 1.7mb, 1,2mb, and 165k. My concern is spyware as this unknown app came at a time of personal difficulties. I have screen shots but unable to post. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you..Screenshot_2018-03-02-11-08-32.pngScreenshot_2018-03-02-11-10-50.png


Trusted Member
Nov 15, 2012
I'm pretty sure those are usually apps that have been recently uninstalled. The data usage is part of your history, but the app's name has been "lost" to the OS, so it displays a number instead.