Unusual Active Sync Issue following implementation of Email Filtering

Aug 15, 2013
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My Galaxy Nexus has synced fine with my Exchange 2003 mail server for at least 15 months, and I've been using 2 different accounts. In order to test the product for a client, I implemented a trial of GFI MAXMail Protection which results in my assigning my server's MX record to a different mail server so that incoming mail is first filtered for spam "in the cloud" before being delivered to my mail server. (My mail server can still be found at its normal IP address). Outgoing mail is still delivered direct to the recipient's host server without going through GFI MAXMAil Protection. As soon as the change in MX record was completed, filtered mail arrived into my server, as required.

However, incoming mail stopped arriving at the Nexus' Exchange Inbox from this same time. I tried deleting and re-creating the account on the Nexus, and at first it says "No Messages", but then it will bring down all the mail again, but only up until the time the MX record was changed. Forcing it to try to sync results in it very briefly flashing the message 'Could not open Connection to server'. Funnily enough, opening the Sent folder reveals that all the sent email messages are there, even those sent post the MX record change. So I blamed the GFI people, but their support is adamant that its not their system: "ActiveSync is purely a connection between the phone and your exchange server. There is no cross-over between ActiveSync and updating an externally hosted MX record. You need to troubleshoot this as a standard 'my active sync has stopped working' issue."

Before raising it in this forum as an issue, I checked the iPad mini which I also have set up to sync my mail account: would you believe it's working normally with all of my Inbox being properly displayed on that device?

So... can anyone suggest something to try to make the Nexus work again?

A number of people have seen this post and I'm not really surprised there have been nil suggestions.

Some additional information however, since posting this: 1. A second Exchange email account on the same server and also used on the same Nexus has been working fine.
2. Only discovered today that while the Inbox shows 'No Messages' searching the sub folders (eg Spam) and Sent Items reveals that there is mail in those folders. In fact, I'm hearing an alert to advise of new mail arriving but nothing shows / appears in the Inbox.

SO: the activesync appears to not be working in respect of the Inbox ONLY on my Nexus. If I can't fix this soon, I will reset the phone to factory default and start over: do you reckon that may be the solution?
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