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Oct 22, 2023
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This is a long term issue over many versions of Android. multiple email apps, and multiple makers of phones. I guess, I'm just fed up.

On my LAN I have:
  • A Public registered domain name
  • A Private BIND DNS server with private addresses for that same domain name -- not available to PUBLIC IP lookup.
  • Public DNS served by Network Solutions for the domain name.
  • A POP3/IMAP mail server
  • Public Static IP
  • Private IP for local servers
  • A firewall port and IP forwarding at router
  • Public and private access to mail server
  • LAN based wired PC's on LAN CAN connect to the mail server.
  • Cellphone is manually set for WiFI connection with local IP and Local DNS.
  • There are four separate WiFi APs on the LAN and three different manufactures of the APs. There is NO difference between the APs.
  • The phone, while using the LOCAL BIND server, has no problems resolving remote sites.
  • IP tools on Cellphone using local BIND via WiFi reports:
    • MX record type for domain name with correct name
    • A record type lookup for FQDM of mail server with correct private IP address
    • Ping via WiFi works from Cell to private IP address
    • Ping via WiFi does NOT works from Cell to FQDN
And so:
  • No mail app works with FQDN when connected via WiFi
    • Unless a local IP is listed as the server instead of a FQDN for the server and kills the ability to use when used on cell service.
  • Mail app works with FQDN when connected via Cellphone Data service via SIM

Why and how to fix? I need a way to check and control the email on the cell both via WiFi and Cell service.

Is Android simply broken in this way?
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