Updates After Root?


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Nov 1, 2011
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If I root my EVOLTE, and plan on staying on the stock ROM, how do I go about updating my phone? Especially with the phone being so new, I'm guessing updates will come along a lot more frequently then they will say a year from now?

What do people do that have rooted there phone, stay on the stock ROM and want to keep their stock ROM updated with the latest HTC fixes and Android updates?

Will updating break root? Do you have to unroot/update/re-root every time? Thanks. I'm guessing there will be a lot of new to Android/Rooting users out there drawn to this new awesome phone that might have this same question.


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Mar 31, 2011
Generally speaking, once you Root, you don't take updates as it will revert you back to stock loosing root. The issue with this is, after an OTA, the root method you used before may not work with the update. Usually a rooted user does not care about getting the OTA as it will be baked into a Custom ROM. So we get the update anyway. Also, as a rooted user, you will see and get to play with any of the new OS's that come out. For example, rooted users were using ICS 6 to 8 months before the public had it. So there are some perks to being rooted.
I will say, if you are staying stock and want to keep up with OTA updates, be prepared to loose root and have to root back.
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