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Mar 6, 2012
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So, it's that time of year when I am thinking about upgrading early to another device - most likely in a couple of months. I've been doing some research, and so far, I really like the LG G3. I currently have a Nexus 5 that I am in love with; but being a phone geek, I eventually get off the honeymoon phase and think about trying something new.

This thread is not a, "what phone do you think I should get?" thread - it's just me asking for some input. Here's a quick run-down of what I'm looking for:

- currently looking at phones that are cheaper in price (i.e., LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 - at $49 and $99, respectively, from Rogers)

- a phone with a good quality screen/display because most of my phone experience is spent watching Netflix (long story)

- good battery life; but battery is negligible because I don't mind charging my phone every night

- nothing "too big" (I have small hands and I think the G3 is a good enough size - I can't see myself being able to hold any of the Note phones well)

- customization (I get that Android is famous for this; but I've heard mixed reviews about the LG Skin; and I'd really like to be able to change up my settings and features without feeling inhibited/this "bloat" issue others have talked about)

I'm really considering the LG G3 (the G4 is out of my price range); but the Z3 is intriguing. If anyone who has these phones could share their experiences with me, it would really help a lot! Thank you so much!

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