USB, NSD or? Question relating to detecting events from connected device


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Mar 17, 2014
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I am pretty new to Android development and have came up with an idea for an app. One of the features is to detect user events on the device the Android Smartphone is connected to.

At the moment I have the phone rooted, it has USB host enabled but when I connect my Android to, for example, my macbook (at the moment) it doesn't detect the USB device (the laptop).

So I have spent many days researching and have finally came to a halt. I don't know how I can detect any type of event such as a keyboard event, application being opened etc on the laptop from my Android.

Is this possible? The keyboard events are important so I am focussing on that for the moment.

I thought it may have been a case of connect the Android to my laptop, detect the USB attached and find the device and then set a listener on the laptop keyboard, or set a listener to pick up any type of events from the laptop (or desktop).

This all has to be done without having to install anything on the device the android is connected to.

Can anyone out there help me by pointing me in the right direction on how to solve this problem?

many thanks!


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