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USB Storage is Damaged.Try Reformatting it

Jhon Mamen

New member
Mar 24, 2013
i have problem with my internal storage " USB Storage is Damaged.Try Reformatting it"..so ican't use my camera and cannot open my gallery.
it's begun when i try to move some files from my pc to my laptop, i using my internal storage like a flash disk. but it's not working ,,so i unplug the cable from my pc. and after that all.. my internal storage is damaged.
i've tried to format everything and i've tried to change my rooms but still doesn't work

can you tell me what should i suppose to do ?:'(

Ndi Ngere

New member
Nov 25, 2016
I've been having this same problem and tried almost everything to no avail.
I went to reformat my flash drive again, (which was already in FAT32) but got only 2 options: ExFAT and NTFS.
I formatted it to ExFAT hoping to be able to format it back to FAT32 after that. It was not possible. I did not get any FAT32 option.
Frustrated, I just inserted the ExFAT formatted OTG USB flash drive into my Galaxy Note S3 and to my greatest amazement, it displayed the empty drive. I took it out, plugged it into my computer and loaded a video on it and then returned to the Note S3 where the video was recognized and played perfectly. Thanks be to God for the intuitions!
Try this method and let us know if it works for you. Same applies to all of you who are researching how to resolve this issue like I have been doing.