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Use mobile phone as Car/GPS tracker


Jun 2, 2011
Is there an Android applitation which can be used as a GPS tracker in a car?
If I have an Android phone lying in my car always, I seek a program that I can install and via a browser see where the car is like Google Timeline.
I would like also to see the current speed, intercept the car via phone microphone.
If I park the car and move, I get an alarm


Jul 14, 2011
I really doubt such an app exists since phones aren't meant to be attached to a car. You can request a phone's location via Google+ by adding the phone as a 'friend' and sharing location or through the Device Manager, but that's not a real time tracking, just a one-time poll every time. 3rd party apps (like apps for kid monitoring) also work like that.

You can have real time tracking with apps like Glympes, but the problem with those is that the timeframe your phone's location is 'shared' is limited, so it stops reporting after a set period of time.

For the 'alert' you can maybe use Tasker or IFTTT and set up a 'recipe' so that when your phone detects motion or something it'll send out a text/e-mail.

But no 'one app' solution that I know of, and frankly, doubt that there is.