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Dec 26, 2016
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Hey guys,

I wanted to create a thread for all to share some tips and little tricks we've found to make the overall experience better, so here's what I've found, most of them you have to be using EMUI launcher (I gave up Nova so I can use native gestures):

1. To unlock when you use fingerprint but it doesn't recognize it at first try, face unlock will kick in and most of the time you'll see a screen saying "slide to unlock after successful facial recognition" the little trick is: you don't have to lift finger from screen then slide, so to make a smother experience I'm trying to make an habit to unlock to do this movement: press+hold+slide(as soon as you see screen turn on) and it unlocks 95% of the time.

2. Raise to wake works better and faster if you stop your natural movement ABRUPTLY and at the end of me movement the phone is tilted a little in upright position when it is in front of you. If I don't do this I just keep staring like a fool for a few seconds at the always on display and end up using fingerprint sensor or power button.

*For the back gesture you have to start from the very edge to work, if you're using a case try to tap on the actual case then slide

*Similar for the home/recents gesture try to place your finger outside the screen on the small black bezel/chin then slide

*For the home gesture just slide and release quickly but to make the recents gesture work better, slide up then the little trick is (okay this is a big deal for me so I'll just bolds) to turn HORIZONTALLY (see screenshot attached for example path) as soon as you turn horizontally it'll lock recents app (you'll feel the vibration) if you just slide up and don't do the little turn you have to wait a while until it locks

4. There's no double tap to lock which is something I missed but if you're using EMUI launcher there's is a lock scren widget which you can use to lock the screen without any delays like third party apps usually do with 5 seconds timeouts. Pretty handy little icon!

5. If you're using native launcher and want to rearrange icons, first press and hold in an empty area then you can select several icons to move in batches to a folder or even moving one by one you don't have to tapal and hold for a long time before you can start sliding to move icon (see screenshots).

6. For additional gestures (previous app, start split screen, google assistant, show volume slider, etc.) I'm using the "Edge gestures" app, obviously horizontal functions do not work because it will trigger the native "back" gesture instead but vertical gestures work pretty well without delay (see screenshot).

7. Best browser experience I've found since Samsung internet browser is unusable (4-8 seconds delay to switch tabs) is:

Yandex browser + Adguard extension app

because of this MUST haves for me:
*It actually blocks ads
*It supports split screen
*It's fast
*It has controls on the bottom of the scren instead of on top for a lot easier one hand operation

(if Samsung Internet Beta browser works without lag in your phone that's better than yandex imo)

8. Use "SystemUI tuner" app to hide icons on status bar such as bluetooth, NFC, wifi, etc and make room for notifications

9. Use NCleaner app to hide unwanted permanent notifications such as "X app is displaying over other apps"

10. This is pretty general and not just of this phone but in case someone uses youtube frequently and uses original app, do yourself a favor and download YouTube Vanced (from vanced website) and vidmate if you need to download videos.

11. How to avoid EMUI system from closing apps running in the background:

First, what most where suggesting is this:

Settings -> Battery -> App Launch -> Turn off "manage automatically" and allow the apps you want to to "auto-launch", "secondary launch" and "run in background"

This is a first step and some users reported it also helped with idle battery drain, however it did not help and system was still closing MX player like crazy if I paused whatever I was playing for a few seconds, so here is the important step for apps you want to keep in background:

Settings -> Apps -> Apps -> three dots on upper right corner -> special access -> battery optimization -> change dropdown menu to "all apps" -> change apps you want to keep in background to "don't allow, may drain battery more quickly"

I might be returning this phone and going back to Note 9 because of the awful screen, tinny speakers, terrible ram management, not so great signal strength in my area and all the EMUI bugs but I'll update this post if I find extra tips, please share what you've found!


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Apr 20, 2013
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If you want to turn off Animations and just have the phone moving even faster throughout the Menus, instead of enabling Developer Options do this:

Settings - Smart Assistance - Accessibility - and then turn off Advanced Visual Effects

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