Using Android for music in the Car... ?! HELP


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Dec 16, 2012
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I just traded in my iPhone 4 for a Galaxy Note 2. I was not thrilled with the iPhone 5 and I LOVE the Note 2. What a fantastic device. One Major problem however.

- IMO, a Smart Phone needs to eliminate devices - it eliminates a phone, a hand written "black book" of names, a Pager, an answering machine, a palm pilot, a MP3 Player ect. They are all combined into one neat device. However I'm raging right now because Android does not do that. All the talk about customization, open sourcing, more apps, more power, more specs and it can't even do the God Damn most basic function of playing music in my car -

I currently have a 2010 Pioneer (forgot the model, 6 pre-amp outputs) in one car and a Pioneer T1814 in the truck (Scion 2010 TC Head Unit). Both worked flawlessly with the iPhones MP3s and pulled music from Pandora and Rhapsody. Both would also allow moving tracks backwards and forwards with the streaming music, however you could not navigate other playlist and the displayed information for Rhapsody was often "delayed" on the T1814. The iPhone also worked flawlessly in a friends 2011 Chrysler 200 with OEM Navigation, and with Ford's bluetooth sync deal.

My Note 2 does not work for with anything. The Pioneers will charge it, but neither can connect and won't even recognize it as a USB Memory Stick with MP3s.

The Chrysler will only pull up half of the MP3s on it and navigation is near impossible. It won't allow me to stream music via Pandora or Rhapsody. I have not tried it on a Ford yet, but I can only imagine.

So after some online research, only now, 2012 can you get a headunit that will be able to possibly read whatever garbage software is on this phone. Both Kenwood and Pioneer have headunits that with an App can allow your Android to act as a USB Memory Stick - that's right, it still won't allow streaming of Pandora or Rhapsody. Only whatever you have on your device... just like a memory stick.

The only two other options I've seen is - get a bluetooth stereo - then you MAYBE able to stream, but you also lose a massive amount of fidelity and it will drain the battery like no tomorrow - so your still cording the thing into charge.

Or! I could pretend it's 1996 all over again and just -


My next problem is that I have a classic Marantz 2270 setup at home, I have a iPod to RCA cable adaptor that I use to play music off my iPhone into the Marantz receiver. A fried has stated he does not think a similar setup (Micro USB - to RCA) will worth with the Note 2 because Android does not output unfiltered sound via the USB port - is this true?

Am I missing something or am I really being forced to choose between buying another $300 worth of stereo units to have an inferior audio experience and turning my Note 2 in for a POS iPhone 5?


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