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Using camera with Note 3 s view case


New member
Jul 29, 2014
Hi. I hope someone can help me. I have the Note 3 with s view case. When I use the camera with the cover folded back, the top of my pictures are cut off by the s view window. You can't use any of the functions (zoom, etc.) through the s view window with the case folded closed. I've been taking pictures holding the flap open, so the tops aren't cut off. Is my case not fitting properly, so the top of the lens is being cut off by the s view window? The cover was put on by staff at a Sprint store, not me. Thanks.


Trusted Member Team Leader
Dec 4, 2012
I have never dealt with those cases, so I am not sure. Since they put it on for you, I would take it back and explain the issue.