Verify Screen Mirroring Disabled?


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Jan 26, 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 6.0.1

So today I was messing around with settings and under Settings/More Networks I stumbled across the media share settings. Wanting to make sure all these were disabled so I didn't accidentally connect and share something important with another device I went through and disabled them. When I clicked Screen Mirroring there was no disable button and the phone scanned and automatically tried to or actually did connect with a neighbor's Roku box much to my horror. Now I am paranoid that someone else is seeing my phone being streamed to their TV and I just want to verify that it's not and to disable it somehow. Below I linked a few pictures from my phone in order from when they were taken.

Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-31-53.jpg Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-32-08.jpg
Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-32-39.jpg Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-32-48.jpg
Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-32-52.jpg Screenshot_2017-01-26-12-32-59.jpg