Verizon Message+ tablet version for secondary phone without contract?

Solitary Wolf

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Dec 25, 2015
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I recently discovered that Verizon's Message+ messenger app actually allows u to connect various devices to text via wifi. I successfully did this with my tablet, but the main thing I wanted to use it for is my secondary handset with no service, which is the Moto g4 play. I currently to use free forward but that app is very primitive. However, when I install from the play store, it assumes that I'm installing the app on a primary phone with its own number and service.
I thought of installing the .apk tablet version of it, but I'm not sure where to find that version. I'm not sure how to export apk files from my tablet either.
Can anyone help me with my situation, or if there is another simple fix rather than finding the .Apk of the tablet version, can you tell me? Thanks.