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Jan 12, 2011
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I don't see much traffic in this forum anymore, which leads me to wonder how many are still sticking with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

I am not a developer and I am not into "Rooting and Roming" but I am a techie of sorts, and really like tinkering with gadgets (and cars) in general. This VGN is my first Android device, and I likie it, for the most part. Like many others, I bought it under the impression that the VGN would be receiving updates directly from Google, and that the phone would age far more slowly because of the development community, and the targeted nature of this device. What I really don't like is that for me (someone who is too busy to learn how to hack this phone) none of that turned out to be true, and worst of all- the Verizon OTA updates have disabled bluetooth, and slowed the fluidity of the phone to a certain extent. I had a friend unlock the bootloader for me and roll me back to 4.1.1, but the incessant OS update popups (which often occur while I'm trying to take a picture or video) have become very annoying, and there is no evidence that newly-released 4.3 will fix the bluetooth problems I have faced (if/when it is pushed to this phone).

I called Verizon tech support, and they offered to exchange my long out of warranty Galaxy Nexus with a "Certified Preowned" Galaxy S3 for free (and I did not have to renew my contract, something I will not do, since I have unlimited data). I agreed to it, and the replacement phone will be here today (I can change my mind and send the GS3 back within 60 days).

What is most important to me is that the primary functions of the phone WORK. I plan on trying to sync the GS3 (without activating it) to see if the bluetooth works with my 2003 BMW (like every other phone I have owned has.) My VGN worked mostly ok up to and including 4.1.1 (some random bluetooth disconnects, and sometime-required restart to get the bluetooth radio to connect with my car, and generally poor A2DP performance) but it was livable. After the 4.2.2 update- bluetooth didn't work in my car at all, and neither did A2DP. I even did multiple hard resets, but the software is just buggy. The camera (and photosphere) were buggy too, and crashed in the 2 weeks I spent with 4.2.2.

I'm happy enough with my VGN IF the bluetooth would work under the current OTA software. (Please do not reply back asking why I don't root and rom the phone. It may fix the issues, but I shouldn't have to know how to do any of that to have a phone with basic functionality intact. )

Any input or opinions would be welcomed.

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