Volume buttons no longer work.


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Feb 23, 2013
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So I was trying to get my n4 into silent mode via pressing the volume button like I do every night and the n4 refused to go into silent/vibrate. When pressing the volume button, I can see the speaker icon with the slide scale of volume increase/ decrease but didn't go into silent/vibrate. I had to reboot the phone. I've been having strange things happen to my n4 after the update. Freezes/crashes, slow WiFi slow data, unresponsive touch screen, slow keyboard response time, bad reception anywhere. In fact, the only thing I have noticed an improvement on has been the battery. Anyways, has anybody noticed the volume thing? I've had to reboot my phone more in the last several days then I did the 8 or so months of owning this thing.


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Nov 21, 2012
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Same thing happening to my Google edition HTC One... Can put to silent using the volume keys. Started happening today.
I'm on 4.3 from Saturday.

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