Volume changes/problems after Froyo update


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Feb 28, 2011
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Just got the update last Wednesday before they pulled it. I'm having trouble finding the new location settings for two volume issues:

Full Battery beep. Never had this annoying notification go off before, ever. There is no system sounds setting. Setting the System Volume to 0 also did not remove the beep.

Also there does not seem to be a way to move through Ringer silent, vibrate, and volume level 1 using the volume switches on the side. Lowest volume is either vibrate or silent, and you have to switch between those two modes through settings. I have tried numerous combinations of the silent/vibrate settings under Sound, but cannot get it to behave as it did pre-update.


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Apr 2, 2010
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My husband's Epic's volume went to pooper. You cannot hear it ring, probably 1 on scale of 10.

We did not find any other glitches, he isn't a heavy user, but a phone has to ring and nothing, repeat nothing, changes the volume level.

A call to Advanced Tech Support confirms this as an issue - the fix is downgrade back to 2.1 at store or I used Odin to fix and go back via instructions in sticky in roms.

Luckily I know what I'm doing (mine is running Midnight Rom), but the time
it took me to load, Odin, and replace everything back to where it was is ridiculous.

So I advise, if you have this problem, and there is no fix, either go back via (1) Store , (2) instructions in sticky, or (3) root and flash rom.

I'm done with Samsung's updates in future. There were too many bugs and no excuses. Thank goodess for this forum and XDA - mine runs perfectly, but shouldn't have to do it this way.


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Jan 18, 2011
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I noticed the same issue going from silent>vibrate>volume low. It was like that in 2.1 and every samsung dumb phone I have had in the past. It's actually pretty annoying that an UPDATE takes simple things like that away.

You either have to set Vibrate to always, meaning I can't have my phone sit on my desk and not make the vibration sound. Or set it to vibrate when not silent, which means the only time the phone will vibrate is when the ringer is turned on as well.

I thought that just about every phone is the world has three separate ways of ringing. Ringer, Vibrate, and Silent (visual notification). Having to tie vibration to either ringer or silent defeats the purpose of having vibrate as an alternate method of notification.