VRS Design Dandy Layered Case Review for the HTC 10!

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Dec 9, 2010
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VRS Design Dandy Layered Case

Don’t let the name fool you. This premium leather case exemplifies casual luxury.

VRS Design has been making very solid cases for years. While they got their start by making accessories for Apple devices, they quickly realized that there were other good smartphones out there as well and their portfolio has since expanded to include many different devices. You may know VRS Design by another name, Versus. They recently rebranded themselves to VRS Design to really emphasize their focus on quality and design.

The goal of VRS Design is to bring premium feel as well as excellent function to their line of Dandy Layered cases. These cases are wallet style cases that have a beautiful leather finish to them. The case fits your HTC 10 very solidly with all the right curves and cutouts in all the right places. They have also left plenty of room around the buttons and ports so they are easily accessible. There is a cutout for the speaker and notification LED at the top of the phone so you never miss your notifications, although they can’t do anything about the particularly persistent notification light on the HTC 10. The is all held together by a magnetic clasp when you are not using the phone and it is exactly in the middle of the case and the magnet is strong enough to hold the case together quite well. The only slightly annoying thing is that HTC also put the power button exactly in the middle of the phone so it is covered up by the clasp. Also, closing the case does not lock the screen so you’ll need to remember to lock the screen before you close the case. Can’t win ‘em all I suppose.

Since this is a wallet case, you might expect it to have some wallet functionality, duh. On the inside of the cover, there are 3 slots that just so happen to be the perfect size for a credit card! Who’d have thought? A perfect credit card slot in a wallet case?! But not just one, there are 3!! Insanity! Ok, ok, enough of that. Last note, you can actually fit 2 cards comfortably in each pocket, or a card and your license (real or fake), or library card, or whatever you need. Behind the card slots is a pocket for cash and receipts. Unfortunately, even though they could get the card slots perfectly sized, HTC didn’t exactly give them enough room for a full size bill pocket. Come on HTC. Get it together. As long as you’re not carrying around all your hundreds at one time (space ‘em out guys. Don’t want the cops to get your stash all at once), then you’ll be fine having a couple folded bills and some receipts in there. Just remember, that the more you put in there, the bigger the pocket gets…physics.

VRS Design has done an amazing job with this case. The leather finish gives it a very premium feel and the wallet part has been perfect for me! I don’t carry a wallet with me anymore. There are 3 beautiful colors for your Dandy Layered case. Dark Brown, just picture dark…brown. There is also Wine which is a beautiful deep red with black accents. The third is Black which is just the Wine colors in reverse (black with red accents).


The clasp is strong enough to hold the case closed when you’re not using the phone and also to hold the flap back when you are using the phone. It’s also not so strong that you have to be the Hulk to get it open. Yay! At $35, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking for either a more premium case to protect and compliment your beautiful HTC 10, or for someone who needs a wallet case for extra functionality. Most importantly, it protects your phone keeping your HTC 10 looking beautiful for a long, long time.

You can find the entire line of VRS Design cases at www.vrsdesign.com
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