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Wear OS derailed


Feb 25, 2011
I have been a huge supporter of Android and Wear OS, but now I am feeling very disappointed. First, that there is no where to even submit a bug report. Second, and presently, I have two late model Android smartwatches in the drawer, because text messages do not appear. They're currently hidden one level down. Basic testing failure. Then look at how many notifications issues are in these forums. For me, if I can't have notifications, why buy a smartwatch? Are you there, Google?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Sorry that you have to deal with those frustrating issues. The Wear OS app on your phone has a Help & Feedback option in its settings, so that's at least one way to submit feedback.

Regarding message notifications -- are your watches running Wear OS 2.0, and if so, do they both have the Android Messages app installed? I recall a while back that there was a bug preventing the app from being installed on my watches, but then it finally resolved.

Android Optimizer

Well-known member
Jul 26, 2014
I have a Asus Zenwatch 2, and I recently switched phones (from a S7 Edge with the dreaded pink line down the right side to a Note 9). Like the usual annoyance that it takes to re-pair an Android Wear/ Wear OS smart watch it required me to reset/wipe/format/re-image the watch to make it pair. After the reset the Verizon Messages+ and Samsung Messages apps (that worked when my S7 Edge and Zenwatch 2 were paired) both no longer worked to send notifications to the phone. Seeing the Play Store on the watch neither messaging app was listed in the Play Store as "apps on your phone" that could be installed on the watch. I had to change the default messaging app to the basic Android Google Messages app on phone (which I hate in that it has far less features and customization than both the Verizon Messages+ app and the Samsung Messages app).

I liked using the Verizon Messages+ app and Samsung Messages apps on both my phone and my watch. I wouldn't have been overjoyed, but I could have tolerated if it let me use either of those messaging apps on my phone but forced me to use the watered down feature less Android/Google Messages app on the watch. However it does what I like the least and forces me to use the use the basic Messages app on my phone if I want any type of notification / text messaging feature to work on the watch. I think this was a huge step backwards, and a huge mistake on Google's part.