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Weird Lag When Trying To Charge


New member
Jun 11, 2015
I'm halfway to replacing the phone anyway, but am kind of short on funds right now.

Starting a couple of weeks ago, it's taken three seconds (exactly) from attaching the charger cable to the charger symbol coming on. This is happening with multiple chargers. The device is then charging normally, but I have noticed a worsening in battery life (understandable given the phone's age). To make this even MORE weird, if I connect to my computer, no lag. It's only doing it when I connect it to the wall.

I'm trying to decide if this means the phone dying is imminent - I don't want to spend a lot of money and/or time on it, so if this is a weird loose charging port symptom, then I'm likely to use it as an excuse to order a new phone...



New member
Jun 13, 2011
Had the same issue on my optimus black. It is a dvfs software issue to prevent overheating in the phone while charging. A computer only charges at half the voltage so there is no need for the dvfs to be turned on. Thermal throttling.

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