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What are the best settings on my S4 for optimal data usage?

Ashton Moran

New member
Nov 5, 2014
My problem is Clash of Clans - it uses way too much data. When I played it on my Galaxy Trend, 300MB was more than enough. Now, with my Galaxy S4, CoC's data usage has increased by four times!

What's worse is that my father, who spends roughly the same amount of time on the game and has an S5, uses about as much as I used on my Trend - how does that work?

So what I want to know is what my settings should be to minimize CoC's data usage, e.g. should I stay connected to Google+, what network settings work best, should I stay signed in instead of signing on-and-off frequently - that sort of thing...

Please don't tell me to get Wi-Fi - I'm stuck with mobile data so I need to optimize it. Thanks in advance...