What is the best Android Version for the Galaxy Nexus?... thinking of flashing mine...


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Jul 24, 2015
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I currently have Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250M...

Lately I've been having problems with my phone... it has become very slow in responses, sometime even unlocking the phone get's tricky because of the slow response, writing text it crazy as I do not see what I'm writing due to the slow response on the android keyboard... the phone get unbearably slow when it attempts to perform any application update, and besides that, there is a common occurrence of applications freezing or stop responding, and this are common usage applications (whatsapp, facebook, etc), also I've had on several occasions the phone either completely froze up on me, or restarting when opening an app...

I tried using the Factory data reset on the setting menu, but this didn't solve my issues... So... I'm considering going one step further and flashing a new factory image, or maybe even a custom ROM (maybe there's some lite OS or something)...

That's what I was trying to answer here... for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250M...
What could be the best option for flashing my Android OS?
Keep 4.2? go back to 4.1? try a custom ROM? ... any recommendations?

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