What is the best way to secure a new tablet from a hacker?


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Mar 7, 2017
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I'm brand new here. This is going to be a long explanation, & I'm sorry for that.

I have known for years that I am being spied on, & I do know who is behind it. Actually I believe there are 2 people - one more tech savvy advising the other. It started with my computers & has progressed to my cellphones & Kindle Fire. A few years ago a friend & I would test the theory by saying insulting things, & then sit back & wait for a reaction. There was always a 2 or 3 day delay before anger would set in.

It seems that somehow this person(s) has linked my Verizon Samsung G5 to their phone a Samsung G6 (we're on the same family plan). It took me a long while to figure that out. I don't know how they are getting my passwords & info, but they have. I have had my phone password protected ever since I got it, have had various antivirus programs on it that have never detected anything, & yet my phone's battery would die quickly, the phone would jam up, run slowly, & rarely apps would open on their own. Even more importantly, private information that wasn't shared with this person would be brought up casually like they WANTED me to know that they were watching me. I also have a Kindle Fire that is unusable because it is so slow, the battery drains quickly, & it sometimes shuts off by itself. I have done factory resets of all, & it doesn't work. The problem comes right back again.

The person that is behind it is my husband & it's a friend of his who is helping him. I was given the Kindle Fire HD as a gift by my husband years ago when it first came out. He wanted to show it to his friend, & it started acting oddly after that. It has sat unused for at least a year until last week.

Last week something clicked in my head. I checked my gmail that google play store is linked to & could see where someone other than me was logged in (in the same neighborhood as me). I have a gmail account for my business, & he was logged in there too. I have a Yahoo & Facebook account that he'd logged into also. I changed my passwords on my laptop, & was safe for about an hour, so updated my passwords on my Samsung G6 phone. As soon as I did he was in my account again. It showed my current login as my laptop using Chrome, my cellphone, but also his. I changed it again using my laptop & this time did not update it on my phone. An hour later he was in my account again. So....I grabbed my Kindle Fire & logged in there - bam he was instantly in my account. I did a factory reset of my laptop, but it did no good.

We were playing password tug of war almost constantly this past week. At various times he has been in my accounts using his laptop, his Samsung G6, & his work ipad. The ipad in particular was a dead giveaway that it was him! He is the only one in this house that has one, it showed his ISP, which I traced back to cox communications & our street.

I spoke to an old friend who is a police officer & asked him if it was true that the police could locate & remove spyware or bugs. He said that they can, but I have to press charges. I have a child, so I'm not ready to take that step - yet. I have kept screenshots of a lot of his activity in my accounts. I've also told my friends that if they suspect that their phones have something on it, to feel free to go to the police & press charges if they track it back to him.

I feel like I'm being held hostage. HOW can I get rid of whatever he has done to get into my accounts? is it something he's put on the wifi? Is it a spyware program with keyloggers, or something else? I can understand how he could do this to the computers because you can buy keyloggers on amazon that plug in with usb, but how is he doing this to my phone when it's been password protected????

My main question is about securing a cheap iRULU eXpro android tablet. I've been trying to research ways of securing it & keeping it safe from those two hacking me. I haven't found anything. It will be my ONLY safe device. I plan on setting up a brand new gmail for the play store, but can I encrypt it? Is anyone familiar with these cheap things? How do I encrypt it? I've never done that before. Obviously I will password protect it, but are there any programs out there that will keep people from hacking you?

I'm sorry this is so long. I'm just angry & frustrated, which is why I'm here at almost 4 am instead of sleeping.
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Mar 9, 2012
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Have you actually changed the password to your Google account? (This is different from your phone's lockscreen password.) That's probably one of the more effective things to do. Make sure the password is high quality (i.e., not something easy to guess -- one good tip is to create a sentence that means something to you, and take the first letter of each word to make your password). Also, make sure you've turned on 2-step verification for your Google account: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185839?hl=en


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Mar 7, 2017
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Hi B.Diddy,
Yes I changed my password multiple times - so many times that I'm now starting to have a hard time remembering which is which. lol. I'm not using easy passwords. They have Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, & are pretty long. I've been using phrases & words that he would never know. It's the most frustrating & bizarre thing! I'm going to attach some screenshots.

This is my aol account. The Verizon tech was stunned by this.

View attachment 254344

This is my gmail that my play store uses, & he is the only one in this house who has an ipad.

View attachment 254345

This is my Facebook account, after I changed my password from my phone.

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