What kind of a computer does one need to run linux?

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Jun 11, 2011
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You can install Linux on Windows based systems, but you would probably get better response if you posted this question on a forum with a Linux focus rather than Android. Your best bet would be to find a forum that focuses on the particular Linux distribution you are wanting to install.

There are limitations imposed by each distribution of Linux (minimum processor speed, amount of RAM and amount of disk space etc.) In addition, there are distributions that are better at providing drivers for a variety of hardware. Also, some distributions are targeted at creating a server environment, or a workstation environment with a specific (or variety of) user interfaces,

I haven't loaded Linux in a long time, but there are typically 2 ways to install. You can either blow away the Windows installation, or set up a dual boot environment where you can choose either Windows or Linux when you boot the system.

There are various logical processes to picking a specific configuration, so deciding what you want (more precisely than just "Linux") is the first step.

Good luck.

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