What no-contract android phone to get for basic line?


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Aug 28, 2013
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First post here. I planning to add 2 basic lines on my family shared plan for my kids and would like to buy a couple of phones so that when we suddenly decide to switch to the share everything plan we can still avail of the discounted smartphones.

One wants a full keyboard so Im thinking the Samsung Intensity III would be the best bet. Would you recommend something else, I heard this is better and sturdier than the Brightside. I do have one Q about this, since the Intensity III does not have wifi can I tether via Bluetooth to a Galaxy S4?

The other one wants an android phone, my concern is battery usage and cost. I guess if he keeps the BT and Wifi off the battery should last right? But still not as long as a basic phone like the Intensity III?

The plus with the android phone is when we do switch over to the share everything plan he can continue using this phone and I can get his new phone! :D

So which inexpensive Verizon 4G (pref, but 3G ok) phone should I get him, does not have to be great but I don?t want it to blow either. There?s the Thunderbolt (battery hog and big), LG Revolution, and what would you recommend? Under $100 if possible. Phone usage would be mostly for calls, FB, some streaming (Youtube), little games.


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