Which app do you use to record calls on Nexus 6?


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I just switched from Nexus 4, automatic call recorder worked perfectly on it. Nexus 6 isn't recording so well, I can barely hear the other party while my own sound is extremely loud. I'm still in a one-party consent state so I don't think that's affecting my phone. Are there any good apps that record both parties at equal levels?


Apr 30, 2010
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i can tell you why i record calls,
just now i received a call from a customer , i was driving and no chance to stop in the city and write down the order .....one reason ,
some with phone numbers passed on via vocal comms or addresses or dates of meetings....all recorded.
once i stop , i play the msg and write it down .


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Dec 24, 2011
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Phone recording is ultimate convenience.
It can work in the background... no effort required.
If you don't need it on a particular phone call, so what?....
When you do need it, it's there.
You don't have to stop what you're doing to scribble down specific details of a conversation.
Can go back to grab details from conversation later if forget.
Especially helpful when following up with a poor service organization: I talked to Rep named ____ on date ___ and they said ____.

At some point in the future, a transcription of the call will be saved along with the recording (in the same way google voice saves transcriptions of voicemails) and convenience will be even better.