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Why Are Apps Not Displaying Notifications When Data Roaming in Japan

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I am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I have an unlimited data plan with Sprint on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. I have no issues accessing the internet when using mobile data with a few exceptions.

Certain apps (details below) do not display notifications and only update when I manually refresh them or not at all. Additionally, the google search bar does not load results as though there is no internet but I can get search results with no issue if I navigate to Google on the Chrome app. None of these issues occur when I am connected to WiFi.

App issues:
Facebook messenger does not notify me of new messages. On occasion, if I open up the app and manually refresh, I will get new messages but this does not always work. Also, at certain random points, I will get notifications of new messages as though the connection magically comes through.

Google search does not give results when I type them into the search bar.

WeChat does not give me notifications of new messages and displays a no connection header when I open the app. It disappears and I receive messages if I manually refresh in the app.

Google play does not automatically update apps even though I set it to update apps automatically even when not connected to WiFi. Even if I manually click to update an app, it does not always work.

Google Photos does not always upload photos even though I set it to upload over data. On occasion it will upload photos.

Seeing as the problems I am experiencing are across a variety of apps, it would seem as though this is either an issue with my phone or with my data provider. However, I get consistent data connection across Tokyo (where I am). There are no dead zones as I never have any issue accessing the internet through chrome for example.

What I have tried:
I have already made sure that data saver is turned off.
I turned off power save mode.
I reinstalled apps.

Please help me out.

Thank you very much!