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Why are ny headphones making my phone go bonkers?

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I bought some cheap earbuds, they were okay for a while, but soon, problems occurred.

The 1st problem being my earbuds randomly toggle the comple action using screen with bixby and chrome, I don't even use bixby.

the 2nd being with my earbuds plugged in, with the slightest movement, it randomly changes my phone from a muted state to max volume over a small movement.

The 3rd problem is whenever I go to watch YouTube videos with my earbuds plugged in, with the slightest movement it can pause my video or switch to another video in my Playlist.

The 4th issue is the earbuds only work on 1 side and continously cause static noise.

I know the problem is the headphones and maybe a small issue with my phone audio port, as I tested this with another set of earbuds and it was fine.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Were these earbuds specifically "Made for iPhone"? Those have a slightly different plug configuration, which can cause issues on an Android phone.