Why aren't my Galaxy S6's back and menu buttons working?


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Galaxy S6's Back and Menu buttons are not working

Hi Everyone,

I'm having an galaxy s6 and 3 days ago the back and menu buttons stoped to work.
I've try to reset the phone to default and it dosent work.

Someone can tell me what to do?



Apr 23, 2015
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Re: Galaxy S6's Back and Menu buttons are not working

Here is a "solution" that has worked for me. My S6 is the Verizon variant, but I think these steps will work on any Service Provider.

Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction > Assistant menu

From here, toggle the switch to "ON". This will create a hovering circle with a window with four panes inside it. If you interactive with the hovering circle it will open a new window in which you have access to the back and recent apps buttons via an onscreen button.

Not sure what has disabled the hardware buttons, but this should give you access via onscreen software.

I know it's not a true fix, but a work around.

If someone finds a true fix, please post it! But in the meantime ...

I hope this helps!