Why can I not set up my mail?


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Since a few days ago my mail stopped syncing by itself. So I deleted my (hotmail) account on my device. Now I wanted to add my Hotmail account back to my mail but it keeps saying "checking incoming server settings"

Can someone tell me what to do?


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Nov 22, 2016
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I am having the same issue as you state as starting last night. I removed my hotmail from S7 earlier today and have tried to add back to S7 and the same message appears as you stated. In addition, for what it is worth, earlier in the day yesterday my S7 did an update to itself. But my hotmail was last synched at 10pm yesterdasy, hours after the update completed. Is this a Hotmail/Outlook issue? Please help.


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Feb 15, 2011
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Sorry you are having email problems. If you haven't already, pull the battery, or simultaneously your power button-volume down button to power cycle the phone. You could try and download Outlook from the Playstore and try that. If Outlook doesn't work, you may have to consider that your password is wrong, and you can use the Outlook app to reset the password or your account is 'locked' for some reason and logon via your computer to get it unlocked.