Why can't I change my contacts picture?

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The amount of times I have tried changing my contacts profile picture just for it to not work is insane and has led to tons of frustration. I found out after about a weeks worth of trying that I would have to make a new contact for everyone's original contact just to change the profile which I find absolutely stupid. One day while trying to change someone's profile for about an hour it did end up working out of dumb luck, then I managed to change everybody else's. After that day nothing like that ever happened again. My profile pictures are stuck how they are and it makes me very upset because some of them are really old and not my style anymore. I want to change them desperately. Some of my newer contacts don't even have a profile image. I tried looking up how I can fix this issue but all I got were unanswered reviews from people with similar issues which added more fuel to the fire for me. If I can find out how this issue can be resolved it would truly make my day. Thank you ❤️

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