Why can't I zoom on my selfie camera on the moto g 5g plus

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a second hand Moto g 5g plus (so no booklet) and I'm just exploring it's functions. With the selfie camera you can go on a normal zoom and wide, but you can only tap between settings and not actually change the zoom on a spectrum if that makes sense. I've tried the pinching and pulling method; pressing, holding and moving; tapping; searching through settings; video tutorials (they only seem to show the front camera) and plenty of online searches. It might just be me missing something or being dumb, but is it impossible to manually zoom? Can I not get uncomfortably close to my face whilst holding my phone far away? It's frustrating me so much because my low quality Moto e6s could handle it just fine- so why wouldn't this?

Also when I tap on the 'Active photo' settings on the bar at the top of the screen, it just automatically turns it self off no matter what I do... What could be causing that?

Please help! I really am not a tech whizz but as a 19 year old I'm pretty well versed in the language of technology.


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May 16, 2014
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Moto G 5G Plus user manual

Try installing a third-party camera app from the Play Store. I'll recommend the Open Camera app
It's a good, generic camera app but it's also very customizable so be sure to dig into the app's Settings menu to take advantage of its very extensive feature set. Just a quick check on a OnePlus and a Moto phone I have laying around, using the Open Camera app the front selfie cameras will zoom in and out using my fingers to pinch the screen.

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