Why did my Moto X email stop showing the body of email?


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moto x email stopped showing body of email

My moto x has been acting different all of a sudden. Overnight it started using battery power very rapidly and it has begun charging extremely slowly. I am not tech savvy at all and was fooling around with different things to see why battery was draining so quickly. Under battery in the settings menu, it said my email was using 61% of my battery, which I thought was unusually high. I cant remember all the settings I played with while trying to figure out battery prob., but now my emails show only the header/subject and the body of the email is blank. My battery is still draining in hyperspeed but the email under battery in settings menu says it is only using 26% of battery now and my screen is now the highest at 39%. I searched online for possible solutions. I did the thing where you power phone off, hit the vol down button to get boot screen and i "wiped the cache" i think. It said deleting for about 5 min and then the phone rebooted. Still cant see body of emails & i will have to wait to see if charging time and battery life is any better. Does anyone know why my emails are not showing (no text in body of email)? And was there a recent system update or something that would have caused the battery problem to start so suddenly.


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Sep 28, 2013
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Re: moto x email stopped showing body of email

Are you trying to sync gmail or some other email? You might try deleting that account on the phone and re-adding it.

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