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Why do I have a problem opening email attachments on my Samsung Note 4?

Martie van Aswegen

New member
Dec 2, 2014
I have only recently purchased my Note 4. This is the first time I tried opening/ preview an
email attachment I get the following message on screen "No application can perform this action"
What application do I need to perform this task?


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Re: Why do I have a problem opening email attachments on my samsung note 4.

It depends on what the attachment is. You have to have an app installed that can handle the file type of the attachment, a particular video format, a particular audio format, etc..


New member
Dec 5, 2014
You may need to download "rar" if it is a compressed file and Adobe pdf for "pdf" files.. those are the two main ones I had to download that did not come with my device.