Why does it take forever for my Lenovo tab 10 to charge?


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Jul 6, 2018
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I can plug it up with the original charger and it still take way longer than it should. Sometimes more than three hours to gain 10%. The tablet is new, I bought maybe a little over a month ago. I’ve tried switching chargers and ports as well. Please give any ideas or suggestions to help. I bought this tablet for my daughter and we haven’t even had it a two months.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I'm guessing that she lets it run almost completely out before she charges it. That's one of the fastest ways to ruin a lithium battery. You probably have to replace the battery.

Then install GSam Battery Monitor, go to the 3 dots (lower right corner)/Preferences, scroll down to Alarms. Set the Battery above alarm for 81%. Set the Battery below alarm to 39%. Choose a very annoying notification tone* for both of them, so she plugs and unplugs the charger when she should. (Charging above 80% isn't too healthy for the battery either, but it's not as bad as getting close to 0.)

(*If you don't have anything annoying enough, voice record a can about 1/4 full of paper clips, thumbtacks,m etc., being shaken for about 10 seconds, very close to the mic. Then use Ringtone Maker to raise the volume until it distorts. Put that file in a folder named Notifications [case counts] and you'll have a very annoying alarm.)

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Just to be sure -- you're plugging it into a wall outlet, and not a computer USB port, right?