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Why does my Nexus 6 not show notifications when app is active but screen locked?


AC Question

I am having issues with Google Messenger & Hangouts not showing notifications. They are not playing a sound, vibrating, or showing a notification if I currently have the app open. This occurs when the screen is on or off. When the screen is off there is no notification on the lock screen either.

If I press the home button after sending a message I will get a notification sound, vibration, and notifications on the top of the screen if on and on the lock screen if off.

I've run it in safe mode, checked all the settings to make sure sounds and notifications are on, & set interruptions to allow all calls and notifications. I've talked with Google support and have not made any progress.

Is anyone else out there having this problem?

Will James2

New member
Sep 18, 2015
Problem solved: Disable Ambient Display in device settings and your audio notifications come back.