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Why does my phone restart, yet is unable to reset?


New member
Oct 25, 2015
So, I've been having my phone on for quite a while (two full weeks tops), and last night I decided to give it a rest for once. So, I shut it down while I was asleep (6-7 hours). I woke up this morning, turned my phone on, and noticed that it wasn't showing the notification of media scans (internal storage scan, SD card scan, etc.). Thinking that it had to take a little bit more time than usual since it was on for a long period of time, I let it be for a while; however, sooner or later, after I checked my Kik, it immediately restarted on me (1x).

Gave it some time, and the process remained constant: turn on, no media scan, wait, restart, rinse and repeat (3x). I tried going into Google to ask this question, but the keyboard won't appear; then restart happened (4x). Worse, I thought a [factory] reset would do, so decided to do that. The confirmation button: Erase Everything, is broken; click it, but it won't do anything (5x); until, finally, I just left it off!

Is there a way for me to fix this on my own, or should I turn to the company's assistance? First off, is this problem solvable :'(

Phone: LG Optimus G E970